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Flower Power Fundraiser – Fall Planting, Wrapping Paper, and Kitchen Items

“Flower Power” offers an opportunity for DWC members to purchase bulbs for fall planting, wrapping paper for those special holiday gifts, and a few kitchen items.

How It Works

Our club is getting ready to kick off the “Flower Power” promotion.  “Flower Power” offers an opportunity for you to purchase bulbs for your fall planting, wrapping paper for those special holiday gifts, and a few kitchen items.  You will be receiving a packet in late August and early September.  This envelope will contain three catalogs, order forms, and envelopes for collecting checks.  Please share these with family and friends.  The more orders the better!  These envelopes will be either hand delivered to your home or mailed to you.  Please check your front door or your newspaper box during the delivery time frame.

Enjoy browsing the catalog and choosing your favorites!  Please note that when placing orders, please make checks payable to DWC.  All checks should also include an additional $6 direct mailing fee, as each order will be mailed directly to every individual customer.

Any questions you may have should be directed to Rosemary Boettke at  or  703 – 989 – 5757. All monies earned will go towards funding our Home Life projects such as Senior Bunco, Carried to Full Term and CASA.  Also, all orders must be turned in by the DWC September 19 meeting. The orders will need to be processed in a timely manner to allow delivery for the fall planting season in early October.

Thanks for your support of this fundraiser!

To learn more about Flower Power, visit  page.

Thank you for supporting our efforts. It takes all club members working together to continue our success and making this a successful fundraising year.

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Don’t forget to tell family and friends that they can participate also!


GFWC DWC is a 501 (c) (3) organization. The EIN is 64-0954588. Your contribution may be claimed as a charitable deduction for tax purposes. Please consult your tax consultant to determine the appropriate amount to deduct.