Monthly News and Notes

Club News and Notes – October

From the President

Well, here we are … Fall is in the air! The weather will begin to change; the leaves on the trees will change colors. Change is a good thing; we should embrace it and not shy away from it. Sounds good, right? As you are aware, change is coming to DWC. The place we meet each month is about to change, since there was a significant increase in monthly charges. When we were first informed by Piedmont of the increase, I must admit that a bit of panic set in. But upon reflection (and some investigation of alternatives!) I realize that we have options and DWC will continue on as we always have. .. making a difference in our community. Through this process I had conversations with some of the members; the one comment that was most interesting to me was made by a member who commented that when she was considering joining DWC, she was a bit hesitant because we met at a country club. It made me wonder how many other woman have felt the same way and are intimidated by our meeting place. If she felt that way perhaps others have as well.

The board is meeting Thursday night Oct. 12 at the Piedmont HOA board room. If ANYONE would like to attend and discuss a option for the monthly meetings please let me know and you will be welcomed at 6:00 PM. This is your opportunity to present your views to your club through your elected board. No decisions will be made without your vote. We will be voting on a new meeting place at the next meeting on Oct. 18. Please try and attend the meeting if possible.

I would like to congratulate DWC on making the “Buy A Kid A Book” project a success this year. This past Friday some of our club women attended the Book Fair at Ellis Elementary School. The children were beyond excited that they were getting their very own book to keep! The teachers are so appreciative… every one that see us stops us to let us know what it means to them that we are there to support them and the children. Making a difference in a child’s life is priceless. We, the ladies of DWC, make a difference everyday in everything we do for our community, in all of our charity work. Great job, ladies.

Finally, this month the entire sample DWC Logo wear will be at the meeting for sale. They do not have the logo on them but they can be worn with your name tag. The cardigans will be priced at $12.00; polos and blouses will be priced at $ 10.00. “Wearing your red” helps us to be recognized while we are out and about our community.

Look forward to seeing you on the 18th…



GFWC DWC is a 501 (c) (3) organization and your contribution may be claimed as a charitable deduction for tax purposes. Please consult your tax consultant to determine the appropriate amount to deduct.