Monthly News and Notes

Club News and Notes – January 2021

From the President

This is the time of year to pause and reflect on our club accomplishments in 2020.  Your leadership team, with Sue Mork’s guidance, has been busy compiling information that will go into our yearly report to GFWC Northern District.  Please read the 2020 Annual Club Record Activity Summary in this News and Notes that provides an excellent review of our activities.  It is so inspiring to see what we were able to accomplish, even in these challenging times.

As we begin our journey through 2021, please jot down any in-kind donations or hours that you personally have given to the club.  We have sent out many different types of forms over the years, but I think it is best to just establish a method of recording that works for you.  I have a clipboard where I list my daily DWC activities.  Some people prefer to keep a spread sheet on their computers.  Others record their DWC time in the spaces on a paper calendar.  Remember that the committee chairs keep track of committee hours and all of the activities you do with a group of members will be captured in some way.  You do not need to record those.

The DWC board has made the decision to continue to have our monthly meetings via Zoom, through April.  It is our hope that we can have a dinner meeting in May, in an outdoor setting.  That, of course, will be determined by events in the next few months.

As I write this President’s message, warm, comforting sunshine is streaming through the windows of my office.  A majority of my time as DWC president has been spent right here, talking with members, working on emails, writing up reports and minutes of meetings, as well as participating in Zoom book clubs, committee meetings, monthly meetings, board meetings and district meetings.  I so wish I could share this warmth with you in person.  I so wish I could give each of you a hug, as we face this new year together.

Wishing you good health and simple pleasures in 2021.

In Federation Sisterhood,

Martha Feeney


GFWC DWC is a 501 (c) (3) organization and your contribution may be claimed as a charitable deduction for tax purposes. Please consult your tax consultant to determine the appropriate amount to deduct.