Monthly News and Notes

Club News and Notes – December 2021

From the President

Recently, when I went to the book sale at the Haymarket Gainesville Community Library, I glanced at the brick tiles to the right of the front door, as I always do.  There, at the top of the column of bricks, is the tile for the Dominion Woman’s Club.  DWC participated in many fundraisers, beginning in 2010, to help fund a new, larger library for the Haymarket/Gainesville community, to replace the Long Park Library.  The new library opened in the fall of 2015 and we were happy to buy a brick tile, to show our continued support of literacy and all of the necessary services offered by a local library.  That tile reminds me of our deep involvement with our community.

We have certainly been involved in the last few weeks!  Celeste Corrigan has been leading the state-wide collection for “Sweats 4 Vets.”  We have assembled and delivered “Holiday Baskets for Homebound Seniors.”  Some members of the Arts and Culture Committee attended an art show at the Hylton Center.  The area firefighters and police departments have received breakfast and treat baskets.  Nine Thanksgiving baskets were delivered to PACE West School and their Holiday Bonanza is in full swing.  The Environment Committee has hiked Silver Lake, toured the Friends of Homeless Animals (FOHA) site, and presented the staff with a donation check from the club.  DWC members have attended Haymarket Gainesville Business Association (HGBA) events and participated in Prince William Chamber of Commerce networking activities.   There are many more outreaches mentioned in this newsletter, under each committee report.

Our members also continue to support the Haymarket Regional Food Pantry with their donations.  Monetary donations can be made directly on their website.  Eggs, milk, butter, flour, sugar, tea, and coffee are items that are not always readily available but are much appreciated.  And as mentioned in a recent article, if you don’t have a can opener, pop-top cans are best.

Please take time during this busy season to notice the small things and reflect on our many blessings.

In federation sisterhood –

Martha Feeney


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