Monthly News and Notes

Club News and Notes – April

From the President

HAPPY SPRING!  It looks like Spring is finally here!  With the Cherry Blossoms and Daffodils and other flowers blooming it is the time of fresh starts. At the April meeting we will be voting on the new board, looking at the upcoming year’s budget as well as asking you all to sign a photo release form. If you are unable to attend the meeting, we will be emailing you the form for you to sign and return to us.  Once the business portion of the evening is taken care of we will play BINGO.  Several of us went to Dinner and BINGO at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Manassas this past week, so we are ready!

For those of you who were unable to attend last month’s meeting, you missed a fun night.  Thanks to the help of Roya Delaney, we held the Swag Swap. Roya was a fabulous Emcee and Auctioneer.  Together with the very generous members of the club we raised $330.00. That money will go into the general budget fund.

Speaking of the budget, you will be receiving it shortly, please look over it carefully. We would like to have a discussion and voting if possible in April so we do not need to do any business at the Installation Dinner in May. We are wrapping up the final details of the dinner and will have that information for you on Wednesday night.  Please bring your check book.

The GFWC Virginia Convention is in Richmond May 3 – 5.  Martha, Connie and Chris will be representing our Dominion Woman’s Club. In addition 3 Juniorettes will be attending.  The Dominion Juniorette Club will be recognized and officially given their Charter and welcomed as the newest club at the GFWC Virginia State Convention on May 4thA huge thank you goes out to both Connie and Chris for all their hard work and dedication to making this club a reality for the girls. Without them, the Juniorettes would have just been a past accomplishment from the early years of DWC. Now it is once again a viable club for young ladies.  

American Girl tickets will be available to purchase at our meeting this week.  There will also be extra tickets for you to sell to friends, neighbors, and family.  This will be our last main event before the summer break.  Let’s make it the best ever.

Martha and Celeste


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