Naturalist Walk


Monthly Naturalist Walk: Geology

Bull Run Mountain Conservancy & the White House Farm Foundation are partnering to provide monthly naturalist walks on Leopold’s Preserve. Free & open to the community.

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These photos are from several hikes the Environment Committee (EC) members took during the fall at Leopold’s Preserve.   One photo includes Laura, the ED of Leopold’s Preserve, and 3 EC members.    This photo points out the difference in vegetation before and after a controlled burn.  The vegetation on the left is before the burn and on the right is after a burn.   Controlled burns are used to remove invasive plants and allow the fields to return to native plants.




This picture is from January 2021 at Leopold’s Preserve.   Michael Keiffer (Executive Director, Bull Run Mountain Conservancy led a lecture and hike with a focus on geology.   Three EC members and two husbands in attendance.












This picture is from our hike with Michael in November.   10 DWC members joined the hike.  Discussions included native wildlife, landscapes, and protecting the environment.








This picture is of the EC during the December committee meeting.   Wild Bird Unlimited is giving us a presentation on Back Yard Birding.




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