March Monthly Meeting – March 21

About Kelly Little

Who is Kelly Little?  Mama of 2 princesses & a frog prince, wife of active duty rocket scientist/surfer, and lover of beagles, chickens, yoga, food, & fine wine!  “I’ve always tried to instill the ‘life-long learner’ mindset in my students while sharing my love of American Sign Language as a Professor at George Mason University & Eastern Florida State College. That same growth mindset is what saved my own life – educating myself in holistic nutrition led me to adopt a lifestyle that embraces pure health. It is this change which has helped stop and reverse the effects and deterioration of Multiple Sclerosis… Our life should be lived to the fullest, not just merely survived!”

Come listen to Kelly share her journey of healing not only her own body, but also her daughter’s auto-immune struggles through alkalizing, optimal nutrition.  To celebrate the first day of Spring, learn how you, too, can restore your Gut Biome, detox & nourish your cells, and ladies – let’s not overlook balancing our hormones for more sleep & energy!

*Skinny Juice Shots (ha!) will be served -plus a $50 gift card will be given to all guests*

Kelly Little, M.Ed., NBCT
Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Consultant

 $50 gift code: GreenPureHealth





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