DWC response to corona virus pandemic

Dominion Woman’s Club response to the Corona virus pandemic

In response to the Corona virus pandemic several members have been very busy sewing masks for those on the front line, others have been delivering them to the Novant Hospital on Heathcote or to the Heritage Village (the senior living center on Heathcote).  We have delivered enough masks to Heritage Village to give a least one mask to every staff member.  DWC would like to thank Celeste Corrigan, Melanie Esteban, Beth Glaser, Irmen Horne, Deb Jewell, Rae Lamb, Lisa Leevy, Mary Ellen Murphy, Mary Catherine Romans, Anna Shackelford, Susan Sivori, Sarah Rudy, Robin Clukey, and Elsebeth Wong for all their help in support of the mask effort. Because of their efforts to this project, we made and delivered 688 masks in 2020.  If you and your family are in need of masks, please email vaoriongroup@aol.com or text 571-236-6213 and we will make arrangements with you.

DWC will be delivering snacks and/or meals to the night shift at the Novant Hospital on Heathcote. To accomplish this, DWC raised funds by launching an online fundraiser in partnership with CB JEWELRY.  ONLINE “ZOOM” BINGO events (known as Blingo since the prizes are jewelry) were organized on the evenings of April 29th and May 21st, and money was raised for “front lines”, food for night shift for first responders and other DWC programs for those who are serving the local community during this National Emergency.


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