DWC Service Scholarship for High School Seniors

DWC offers a scholarship to Battlefield High School seniors who show a history of service to the community and a desire to continue these good works in the future.


DWC is pleased to announce the selection of Hermela Techane as the 2024 Dominion Woman’s Club Service Scholarship winner.  Hermela’s history of service to the community reflects the volunteerism that our club values.   The scholarship is for $2000.

Hermela has an impressive academic record and service to community outreach programs.  She is very passionate about children’s health and has researched and proposed solutions to healthcare disparities on a local and global level, specifically in Ethiopia.  

Hermela plans to continue to make service to the community an ongoing priority in her life. She will attend the University of Virginia.

DWC is pleased to help support Hermela’s future plans!


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